Why use Tyre Shield ?


Improving the performance of any pneumatic tyre.​
Just about every pneumatic tyre can benefit from using Tyre Shield Professional Tyre Sealants, Tyre Shield simply improves the performance of your tyres, making them better, keeping you safer and saving you money!

Biscuit Wheels & Run Flat Tyres
Most modern vehicles are either fitted with run flat tyres or biscuit wheels in case of a flat tyre, some even offer roadside assist, but not many manufacturers offer any sort of puncture prevention. Should your vehicle be fitted with these emergency solutions you will quickly discover that they are just that, emergency solutions! You still have to stop your journey and change your wheel or wait for the roadside assist. You will then learn that most run flats and biscuit wheels are not designed to travel more than 80 KPH and then only for a very limited distance to get you safely home or to a garage. Not at all ideal for a long journey to a remote destination.

Yes, you can change a flat! But why should you?​

Tyre Shield is not an emergency or temporal solution! Tyre Shield is designed to prevent unscheduled tyre stops and in most cases you will not even know that your tyre received a puncture at all - Tyre Shield would have sealed the leak already! When you treat your Tyre with Tyre Shield the fluid goes to work by forming a protective coating on the inside of your tyre. This protective coating not only keeps your tyre pressure constant by sealing all the air in that naturally escapes through microscopic pores found in all tyres, it will also seal all puncturing holes on the tread area up to 6 mm on tubeless tyres. Tyre Shield makes use of road & tyre friction to seal punctures while the vehicle is in motion, in most cases you will not know you even had a puncture as Tyre Shield would of sealed the puncture without you having to remove the puncturing object or stopping your vehicle. This will radically reduce the chance of you ever having to make an emergency or unscheduled stop!  ​

How often do you check your Tyre Pressures?

Tyre Shield goes beyond just punctures, we also help to keep your tyre pressures constant !
When using Tyre Shield the product starts to work for you straight away by forming a protective layer on the inside of your tyre wall sealing the air in. Many people don’t realize that air can escape through the microscopic pores of a tyre, this is then compounded by heat and the intense friction caused by contact with the road. Air can even escape from a tyre when your vehicle is not in use. Tyre Shield will not allow any air to escape through the pores in rubber tyres whilst driving. A correctly inflated tyre can save you up to 30% in tyre wear. That works out to a R 300 saving per every R 1000 your tyre costs you - With Tyre Shield you will be amazed at how little your tyre pressure has changed since your last tyre pressure check, you will then realise how much money you have saved! 

Technologically superior

​At Tyre Shield we have been protecting tyres all over the world for 18 years now, so we have refined Tyre Shield to be the best solution available! We strictly only allow Tyre Shield to be manufactured by accredited ISO Chemists so that our high standards are maintained all over the world. Tyre Shield is not water based to weigh down your performance and therefore it is used by professional race teams. A average car will only need a 100 ML which is a mere 100 g and a racing bicycle between 50g and 75g! Tyre Shield will not dry out or permanently adhere to your tyre. It can easily be removed for retreading and will not damage or affect your rims or tyres in anyway nor will Tyre Shield void your tyre manufactures warranty! Tyre Shield is also compatible with Tyre Monitoring Systems and will not effect the balance or performance of your wheels, from Ferraris to Tractors! Don't take our word for it, click here to see what professional drivers have to say....

Not just any puncture solution!
​Tyre Shield is unlike any other solutions available - Most puncture solutions available are waterbased solutions that cannot be used on vehicles that travel more than 80 KPH. Often these solutions are home made and produce a slimy mess when you fit new tyres. Water Based solutions require that you use a large volume of product as they often dry out, most are not compatible with modern Tyre Pressure monitoring systems either. These water based solutions also cause havoc with your wheel balancing and dissolve when coming into contact with more water, not very useful when sealing punctures where your tyre is used in wet conditions!

We have been protecting tyres used on heavy duty trucks, mining vehicles and motor racing champions all the way to the every day commuter. We are so confident of our product that we offer a money back guarantee!

Commercial Fleet Owners

Tyre Shield goes beyond just being the best at sealing punctures!

For any fleet owner, after fuel, tyre maintenance accounts for the greatest operating expense. The Tyre Maintenance Council research shows that a tyre under-inflation of 1%, reduces tread life by 1.5%. It is quite commonly found that most truck drivers do not know their correct tyre pressures and often operate tyres that are under inflated by 20%. This equates to R300 loss on every R1000-tyre. So when considering that an average truck tyre can cost as much as R 5000 you can expect to save R 1500 per tyre!


Then of course there is the extra fuel wasted on a tyre that is incorrectly inflated, combined with the over flexing of the sidewall further damaging the tyres and then to make matters worse your tyres are now more prone to blow outs - resulting in costly down time and worse accidents or even road deaths!

Alternatively, tyres often get over-inflated which causes the tread area to round in the centre of the tyre and reduces traction, this also causes steering and breaking problems as wells as increased wear on the vehicle’s suspension! It has been said that incorrect tyre pressures  are to blame for nearly 80% of all tyre failure accidents and 75% of all blowout-accidents!

A properly inflated tyre is essential for even wear across the surface of your tyre in order to provide maximum traction and control. With Tyre Shield you will only have to treat your tyres once and periodically check to see how little your pressure has changed, if at all! This will give you the peace of mind that your drivers are safe and that you are now saving money instead of burning it!
If you would like to know more or have an consultant contact you to calculate your cost savings, please email us on info@tyreshield.co.za

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