TyreShield® is an innovative concentrated liquid compound easily installed through the tyre valve after the removal of the tyre valve stem. After installation, simply drive the vehicle a few kilometers allowing the tyre rotation to distribute the product evenly throughout the inside of the tyre. Now, all porosity, bead, and rim leaks are sealed for the full legal life of the tyre.

Once a tyre has been treated with TyreShield® the compound creates a thin liquid film on the inside of the treated tyre which provides a barrier that maintains tyre pressure and creates a complete air tight container within the tyre and tyre rim. Optimum tyre pressure is improved for the full legal life of the tyre, and results in better tyre performance, improved fuel use, and increased safety.
Tyre Shield makes use of road & tyre friction to seal punctures while the vehicle is in motion. In the event of a puncture, the pressurized air inside the tyre trying to escape will immediately draw TyreShield® to the source of the leak and seal the hole created by the puncture, regardless if the puncturing object is removed or not. The seal is permanent, the tyre does not need to be removed and repaired, and eliminates the need for the driver to make immediate stops to check the tyre. Should a puncturing object be removed while the vehicle is stationary the tyre may loose pressure until the vehicle is in motion. For best results drive/ride the vehicle 2-5 km to ensure the leak is effectively sealed.   

After installation, TyreShield® remains dormant inside the tyre until a puncture activates it.
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