Q. What is it made of?

A: The TyreShield® Professional Tyre Sealant Systems consists of a proprietary formulation of natural rubber and a non-toxic liquid solution. It does not harm the environment and can be used when a tyre is retreaded.

Q. What is ISO Standards?

A: Tyre Shield is manufactured by ISO accredited Chemists who adhere to the International Standards Organisation, ensuring that no matter where in the world you purchase Tyre Shield you can be assured of the same high quality and standards.

Q. Can I safely use it on any vehicle?
A: At Tyre Shield your safety is our concern, we have therefore tested our product on all types of vehicles since 1995. With 17 years behind us we are 100% confident that you can use Tyre Shield in any vehicle. Tyre Shield will not affect your wheel balancing, vehicle performance or compromise your safety!

Q. How much weight does Tyre Shield add?

A: Most other products are water based adding more weight to your wheels, because Tyre Shield is a rubber based product we only require a small amount of fluid to safely seal your tyre. Most Motor Vehicles only require 100 ML!  

Q. Will Tyre Shield affect my Wheel Balancing, or damage my tyre or rims?

A: No. The product hydro dynamically balances the tyre with centrifugal force, meaning it radiates away from the centre. The product can be easily removed without any mess and is stuitable for most rims except those modified with copper or brass.

Q. Will Tyre Shield work with my Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems?
A: When properly installed, TyreShield® does not alter the function of most TPMS systems. Both wheel mounted and valve-stem mounted TPMS systems are compatible with the TyreShield® Puncture Protection System. However it is best to check with your manufacturer first as in some cases manufactures do not allow sealants, this may void your TPMS warranty.
Please Read TPMS Warranty
Q. How far can I drive if I get a puncture?
A: Tyre Shield makes use of road & tyre friction to seal punctures while the vehicle is in motion. The TyreShield® Puncture Protection System permanently seals holes made by puncturing objects up to 6mm diameter in tubeless tyres and holes made by puncturing objects up to 3mm diameter in tube tires. Holes made by larger objects may not be completely sealed and should be seen to by a tyre professional. Should a puncturing object be removed while the vehicle is stationary the tyre may loose pressure until the vehicle is in motion. For best results drive/ride the vehicle 2-5 km to ensure the leak is effectively sealed. 

Q. How does Tyre Shield improve my tyre's life and save me money?

A: The TyreShield® Puncture Protection System extends tyre life by reducing operating temperatures and by reducing the likelihood of uneven or accelerated wear due to low tyre pressure. According to the latest research by the Tyre Maintenance Council, a tyre under-inflated by as little as 10%, will have its tread life reduced by up to 15%. This works out to R 150 per R 1000 cost on a tyre! 

Q. Does Tyre Shield Seperate in the container or Tyre?
A: No. Tyre Shield will not separate when stored for long periods nor will it separate with exposure to heat, cold, or centrifugal forces that are normally found in driving conditions. Tyre Shield is ready to use; it requires no mixing, stirring, or other preparation, just give it a quick shake and you ready to install. Tyre Shield also has a shelf life of 5 Years.
Q. Does Tyre Shield settle to the bottom of my tyre when stationary?


A: A small amount of Tyre Shield will adhere to the inside side wall of the tyre after the vehicle has been driven, and the balance will settle at the bottom of the tyre and will distribute evenly  

Q. If my tyres have been treated with another product, can I still apply Tyre Shield in the tyres?

A: NO. It is advised not to add  to existing products. Excessive amounts of sealant will be detrimental to the balance of the tyres. It is recommended to remove the tyre from the rim, hose out the inside of the tyre, and wipe dry with a cloth before applying Tyre Shield.

Q. How much Tyre Shield will my tyre need & how do I install it?
A: Each Bottle of Tyre Shield will have the detailed installation instructions on the bottle as well as the recommended dose for your tyres. Do not exceed the dose for road vehicles. For online instructions click here.
A: Typically the minimum recommended dose per tyre is as follows; Bicycle 50 ml, 75 ml front wheel Motorbike and 125 ml Back wheel, 125 ml Quad Bike & Golf cart, 100 ml average car, 150 ml SUV or 4x4 and 350 ml per truck tyre. For more doses click here.
Q. Have another question??
A: Please email us at info@tyreshield.co.za or try our friendly online help assistant.
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