Tyre Shield 150 ML

TSP150 is specifically packaged to suite  most commonly used Bicycle tyre sizes. The product is designed for easy DIY installation and can easily be installed under 10 Minutes. Our Bicycle formula is specifically blended to give the fastest curing time without shorterning the life span of the product. 



Tyre Shield will not dry out in less than 12 Months

Tyre Shield will not delaminate and form a sticky ball in your tyre

Tyre Shield cannot be felt in your tyre - No woosh or swirling of product

Tyre Shield can be used in tube and tubeless tyres

​Tyre Shield offers a 6 month product replacement warranty. T&C applies. 


MTB 75 ml Front & Rear

Road Bike 50ml front & rear - Professional Race Days 25ml front & rear 


The interior of the tyre must be free from other sealants, chalk, water, etc. before application.

Do not use this product with rims that have been modified with brass or copper. Please ensure that your air compressor is fitted with a water trap that is regularly serviced.
For best results, ride the bike normally in safe conditions for 5-10 minutes just AFTER installing TyreShield®.  Wear gloves and eye protection. Consult your preffered supplier for tubeless conversions.

Tread Magazine - Independant Review

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