International Awards

The TyreShield® Puncture Protection formula selected by
European Car as one of the Products of the Year for 2009...

Text from EuropeanCar magazine
Select Gear Award: TyreShield® formula
"Tire puncture protection systems have come and gone. Either they didn’t work, added too much weight, or were messy during installation and dismounting.The product claims to prevent air loss from punctured holes up to 6mm in diameter, but after thoroughly thrashing some of our own rubber, we found it even holds up to a 7.5-mm hole. Not only that, it’s easy to install and clean to work with, leaving no mess on the wheel or floor during dismount. In fact, [the TyreShield® formula] turns from liquid to rubber right in your very hands! Weight-wise, a normal dose only adds 4 ounces to the average 17-in through 19-in tire size—hardly a compromise when you don’t really need that 50-lb spare anymore."
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