TyreShield® Professional Tyre Sealants prevents the most common tyre puncture while maintaining the correct tyre pressure. A concentrated, latex-based liquid, TyreShield® is easily installed in minutes. Once installed, your tyres are protected against pressure loss and tyre punctures in the tread area for the legal life of the tyre! This level of protection eliminates the dangers of changing a tyre at the side of busy highways and eliminates the waiting inherent in roadside assistance plans.


Tyre Shield makes use of road & tyre friction to seal punctures while the vehicle is in motion, in most cases you would not even know that a puncture has occured!

​     Wheel Balancing

​     ISO Standards

​    Maintain air pressure

​     Guaranteed Safe

​     Not Water Based!

​     Not Home Made!

​     No Slimy Mess!!

​     Won't dry out!

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